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Physical Education


Mr. William Gorman, Assistant Principal

Office: Room B31

Phone: 718-937-3010 ext. 5311


All students are required to take physical education throughout the school year. All physical education classes at Queens Tech are co-educational. Students with a medical condition will be assigned to a physical education class and activities will be modified according to the recommendation of their physician. According to law, all students must report to physical education when they are scheduled to do so, regardless of the medical issue. All students are required to take one term of health education - most students take health in ninth grade. Students are required to pass seven terms of physical education and one term of health education in order to graduate.
Physical Education (PPS11): Physical education (PE) is an important academic subject that teaches students to be physically active, work as a team, and set fitness goals that can last a lifetime. The fitness-based skills that students learn in PE is what emerging research shows is essential to learning. In New York State, all students must receive PE as a part of their education, including students with disabilities who may be recommended for modified, developmentally appropriate physical education, called adapted PE. Emphasis will be placed on sequential instruction and participation in team and individual sports. The program includes soccer, volleyball, football, basketball, track and field, recreational sports, and physical fitness.
Weight Training (PFS11): Weight training physical education classes take advantage of our weight room to receive instruction on the New York State physical education standards.
Health Education (PHS11): Health education is an essential academic subject that is required in New York State. This course teaches young people to take care of their minds, their bodies, and the people around them. Health education builds a foundation for academic success by teaching all students how to make healthy and informed decisions.