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Queens Technical High School is now a Site Safety Training (SST) Course Provider under the NYC Department of Building's Compliance Local law 1 RCNY §105-03. Training will be ONLY be provided to our current students in the Electrical Installation and Practice Career and Technical Education Program. This training will be provided to them during their Senior year by Calvert Bowen, one of our Electrical Installation Instructors. The two SST courses offered are the 8-Hour Fall Prevention and 2-Hour Drug and Alcohol Awareness for a total of 10-Hours Site Safety Training.


Calvert Bowen

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This 8-hour course is intended to educate workers on how to avoid accidents and injuries while working on roofs, leading edges, ladders, or scaffolds by defining the regulations and safety rules associated with fall hazards on construction sites.

The 2-Hour Drug and Alcohol Awareness course explains how drugs affect the body and describes specific substance abuse risks related to the construction industry. You will learn about the consequences of drug abuse and actionable steps you can take to avoid working under the influence.