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Grade Promotion Policy

Students are promoted to a new grade/official class in August based on the following criteria:

  • 100 level - Grade 9: All first-year students, and others with less than 8 total credits.
  • 200 level - Grade 10: Student has earned 8 or more total credits.
  • 300 level - Grade 11: Student has earned 20 or more total credits, including at least 4 English, 4 social studies, 4 math, and 4 science credits.
  • 400 level - Grade 12: Student has earned 30 or more total credits, including at least 6 English, 6 social studies, 6 math, and 6 science credits. In addition, the student must have passed five Regents exams (English, social studies, math, science, +1 exam).

Note: Some students earn high school credits in eighth grade or earn additional credits by taking extra classes. These students will not be permitted to skip a grade unless a meeting is held with the guidance department regarding early graduation.