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Dress Code


Queens Technical High School has developed a dress code that provides for students to determine their attire while also ensuring that clothing is not dangerous, interferes with the teaching and learning process, or violates the NYC Department of Education Non-Discrimination Policy. We are a CTE school and have a responsibility to ensure that our students engaging in internships, in shops and in other career & college-oriented activities are dressed appropriately, professionally and safely. Our current dress policy is as follows: 

  • Extremely tight or loose, revealing or see-through clothing is not permitted. This includes tank tops, open-back shirts, spaghetti straps, and bare midriffs.

  • Underwear, including boxer shorts, lingerie, and bras, should not be visible.

  • Clothing with inappropriate writing, images, or slogans is not permitted. These include clothing advertising or promoting alcohol, drugs, violence, tobacco, sex, or containing inappropriate messages that degrade others.

  • Headwear, such as hats, caps, bandanas, and scarves, is not permitted, except for religious purposes or medical reasons.

The school administration will make the final determination as to what constitutes proper attire. Student attire should not disrupt the educational process or constitute a possible threat to the safety and health of the student or their peers. Appropriate attire should be worn at ALL school activities. Students whose attire is not aligned with this dress code will be asked to speak with a dean or an administrator. Your child may call home for proper apparel; however, if clothes cannot be brought to school, school-issued attire will be provided. In addition, if a student continually violates the dress code policy, a meeting will be set up with parent and the principal’s designee.