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Electronic Device Policy

  • When entering the building cell phones must be set to silent and remain that way at all times while in the building.  No phone calls are allowed at any time from your personal device - use the phone in the main office.

  • Students may not use electronic devices in the staircases, bathrooms or locker rooms at any time.

  • No electronic devices may be used during fire drills or other emergency preparedness exercises.

  • In their classes, teachers may allow the use of electronic devices for educational purposes.

  • Except for authorized educational use in the classroom, no pictures or videos may be taken.

  • No electronic devices may be brought into any state or national test, such as Regents or SAT exams.

  • Students may use electronic devices in the cafeteria to listen to music, conduct research or to play games. Audio may only be played through headphones.

  • Students who use electronic devices in violation of this policy, the NYC Department of Education Discipline Code, and/or Internet Acceptable Use Policy will be subject to disciplinary responses.

  • The school is not responsible for any lost or stolen personal electronic devices.

  • If you have a NYC Public School-loaned iPad or laptop, learn more about acceptable use policies here: Digital Learning Devices