Remote Learning Letter from Ms. Burg

Letter from Principal Melissa Burg

March 21, 2020

Dear Parents and Students:

I appreciate your patience and as we prepare to make our change to remote learning. Remote learning will be beginning on Monday, March 23, 2020. Transitioning to remote learning can keep students on track so that when they return to physical school environments, they will be ready. In this very challenging time we will work together as we all learn new things to support our QT community.

Expectations for Queens Tech HS students while we are in remote learning:

  • Official school hours will begin at 7:40 and will end at 2:30, Monday through Friday.
  • Students will “attend” all of their virtual classes by logging onto Google Classroom. Instruction will vary with model of delivery and will vary from day to day as teachers and students become more comfortable with the platform. Some examples of delivery methods include but are not limited to: live or recorded lessons assignments, quizzes, and work for students to do independently or in small virtual groups.
  • Students should check PupilPath for Google Classroom access codes their teachers may have sent, and/or check your email for invitations from your teachers.
  • Students must complete instructional activities assigned by their teachers within the expected timelines.
  • Students must participate in check-ins, discussions, and other forms of communication with their teachers.
  • Students should review teacher feedback and complete any follow up the teacher assigns.
  • Teachers may also use Google Chat to meet with the class or individual and small groups.
  • Teachers will provide actionable feedback to students on work submitted.
  • Attendance will be taken daily for each class in PupilPath.
  • Remember: School rules regarding cyber safety and protection of privacy for all align with the NYC Discipline Code and will have consequences if not followed.


  • You can monitor your child’s attendance and grades for each of their courses in PupilPath.
  • If your child will be absent or unable to log in on a particular day please contact their teacher by sending a message on PupilPath.
  • Students and families must be proactive by notifying their teacher, counselor or school administrator with concerns or difficulties with progress or additional support needed.
  • Families should help students establish routines and habits that support their success in remote learning. Monitor your child while online.
  • Our staff members are also vulnerable during these changing times and are putting themselves out there in an effort to support your child so they need your support more than ever. Mistakes are bound to happen as we make this transition, so communication is key.
  • Check for updates.

We are here to help.

Breathe and be patient! We will find our way forward together. Thank you for your support.

Melissa Burg, Principal