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Welcome families and students to the Queens Technical High School Guidance Department Page!  Here you will find links to resources, see what's going on in the guidance office, and meet the counselors!

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Guidance Department Blog and Announcements

  • Round 2 Applications Are Open!

    Attention 9th Graders who still want to apply to another high school for next year:

    Round 2 applications are open until April 5th.   If you have any questions, please see Ms. Vasquez in room 151 during your lunch period or after you finish for the day.

    Guidance Department
  • SAT and PSAT Day

    All juniors will take the SAT exam, and all sophomores will take the PSAT exam, on Wednesday, March 27.

    Guidance Department

Who are the QT counselors?

Ms. Bautista

10-12th Grade Counselor


Ms. Bautista grew-up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and now lives in Nassau County, Long Island. She has a Bachelor's in Psychology and Human Services from St. Joseph’s College. Ms. Bautista also has her MS in School Counseling in K-12 from Mercy College and also has her Bilingual School Counselor License in K-12. Her education and training are based on the American School Counselor’s Association’s (ASCA) National Model and the Strengths-Based School-Counseling framework.

Ms. Bautista loves being part of encouraging future generations to pursue, embrace, and find a passion that not only changes the way they think but the way the world thinks. She has a special interest in giving back to the community, therefore, she looks forward to working with students by assisting them academically and helping them find their place within the school community. In addition, Ms. Bautista finds that the most rewarding part about being a school counselor is the connection she builds with her students, and the guidance she is able to provide when they need it the most. As a school counselor, Ms. Bautista tries to make an impact in the lives of students by showing them the importance of education in order to prosper and succeed in future endeavors. However, she also emphasis that students need to be happy and healthy so they can perform at their peak and at their best capacity. Some topics that Ms. Bautista enjoys learning about with her students is about love, healing, and hope.

During her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, and friends, shopping, and traveling the world.


Ms. Mualem

10-12th Grade Counselor


Ms. Mualem holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Beloit College in Wisconsin and a Master’s degree in School Counseling from New York University.

Ms. M is dedicated to helping students through their struggles to improve academic skills and attain social-emotional growth. She considers herself an excellent listener, thoughtful and approachable, as well as being empathetic, validating, challenging, straightforward and genuine. She encourages students to share their stories while working collaboratively to identify obstacles, which prevent them from reaching their full potential. A big believer in the power of peer support, Ms. M has vast experience in establishing small groups dealing with topics such as anxiety, peer relations and self-esteem, providing support, insight and relief in a safe, confidential and caring environment.

Possessing a thorough understanding of the importance of a partnership amongst family, school and community in developing a truly effective plan to enhance the student’s experience, Ms. M is committed to promoting teamwork while supporting the students and their families.

Through her extensive travels, Ms. M developed a great appreciation and respect for different cultures, languages and traditions. She loves all things outdoors, especially when it involves water or mountains, adrenaline spiking sports, film, crossword puzzles, experimenting in the kitchen and video editing. Yet her biggest pleasure, still remains, hanging around with family and friends, chatting, eating and feeling good vibes.


Ms. Vasquez

9th Grade & School of Exploration and Discovery Counselor


Ms. Vasquez split her childhood between Queens, NY and Nassau County, Long Island. She attended public school all her life and always wanted to give back to the school system that nurtured her.  She holds a Bachelor's Degree from Stony Brook University in Anthropology and a Master's Degree in Bilingual Counselor Education from Queens College.  Ms. Vasquez always enjoyed learning about human history, culture, and the arts. 

She has been a counselor for NYC since 2011 and has been the 9th grade counselor at Queens Technical High School since 2015.  She loves working with teens and believes that at this important age, a lot of big, positive changes can be made!  Ms. Vasquez believes every child has a talent into bring this world and it is our job as educators to help develop that talent.  

When she's not at Queens Tech., Ms. Vasquez loves to dance! She is a professional salsa dancer and has traveled around the country performing and dancing with people form all over the world.  She also coaches the QT Dance Team, which always performs in the annual QT Talent Show.  Ms. Vasquez also loves to go to the beach, travel, and play with her dog Monty!

In addition to email and phone, you can text Ms. Vasquez at 


Need to know- Anxiety

Dear families and students,

Do you ever feel so worried and stressed it derails your whole day?  Or avoid social situations for fear of being judged or embarrassed?  Maybe you have recurring nightmares or flashbacks of something that happened in the past.  All of these things are linked to what we call anxiety.  Anxiety can get so bad it stops us right in our tracks and stops us from living a normal life. 

Please visit the website below to read more about anxiety (disponible en espanol). 

If you feel your child may be suffering from anxiety, please contact their counselor.  Ms. Mualem runs an anxiety group for students every week and our Western Queens team can help by providing counseling to your child in or out of school.  We are here to help!

-The QT Counselors   

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Need more help or information for your child?

Contact one of our Western Queens Consultation Center Counselors in Room 213



Opportunities for Students

Interested in Working this summer? Check out the Summer Youth Employment Program!

Applications open soon.