Sunnyside Community Services

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Office: Room 219

 Sunnyside Community Services has partnered with Queens Tech to offer a variety of free services, including tutoring, college application assistance, and career readiness programs.

Learn more about the College Readiness Program

Support for Queens Tech Students

Here is a list of the services that Sunnyside Community Services is currently offering to students and families at Queens Tech HS:

  • Community Schools (Success Mentoring)
  • College Readiness (Scholarships, FAFSA)
  • Career Readiness (Internship/SYEP)
  • Tutoring / Academic Support (ELA, STEM, etc.)
  • Attendance Support
  • Counseling
  • SAT Preparation
  • Enrichment (Drama, Arts, Field Trips)
  • Tech Support (Zoom, Google Classrooms)

Please use this link to sign up for any and all of these programs: Sunnyside Community Services