September 18, 2019

School Leadership Team Meeting Minutes

37-02 47th Avenue Long Island City, NY 11101 718 937-3010
SLT Meeting- Minutes for September 18, 2019
4:30-6:30pm Library, Room 455

Chairperson: Lisseth Salas-Ocampo
Speaker: Melissa Burg, Principal
Timekeeper: Vivian Colon
Secretary: Noor Aayla

4:30 pm: The meeting began with a brief discussion about the introduction to the bylaws, and the
greeting of the beginning of this years SLT group. The team first began selecting the positions that were
set in place for each role, and the following were met as per an agreement- Chairperson: Lisseth SalasOcampo, Speaker: Melissa Burg (Principal), Timekeeper, being the head of the Parent Association,
Vivian Colon, and Secretary and notetaker, Noor Aayla.

4:57 Guidance & Rescheduling: One specific idea was brought up by Ms. Ocampo-Guidance has
introduced a new way of making schedule changes via email. Also, by not allowing students to change
between gym or lunch; because there were too many emails to Guidance which was getting to be “too
much”. Classes are also at capacity. For these reasons, some teachers have let Guidance know who is and
is not coming to school, so it can be easier for them to schedule others in.

5:07: The Gym is under construction and is estimated to be done by the end of this year.

5:15: 9th grade Freshman Summer Bridge Program has helped individuals “get ready for high school”.
The workshops included discovering healthy relationships, substance abuse, and having fun STEM
incorporated trips like the Hall of Science.

5:25: No longer half fares, for any form of transportation. Students who live a mile away or five, are
finally given the privilege of a full fair ride. College Fair is being held on October 8, 2019 in the Cafeteria
at 5:30-7:30 with everyone invited including friends, family and students.

5:35: CEP Expectations and Guidelines

  • Melissa Burg reviewed each goal that was set for this year, while focusing on ESL and ISS Students’
    objectives. We also need to put “white students” down as a flagged focused point, because they are not
    attending school as they should. In this way, Sunnyside has jumped in and helped enrich those individuals
    with programs and the implementation of home visits, “early warning systems” run by Madeline Hatcher
    from Sunnyside Community Services. Sunnyside also has a program providing care for dealing with
    depression and anxiety through Katherine Ambia of Western Queens.
  • The “My Brother’s Keeper” is another new initiative to enrich student success and stay on track in
    their high school career while having a positive outlook.

5:45: AP Classes- Most AP classes are already full. We are trying to get more ISS and ESL students to
participate so they feel more ready for college and give them rigorous courses to motivate them into

5:50: Provide Support to all 10th graders: 60-80 students get stuck in the 10th grade, and do not have
motivation to keep going to the next grade. Implementations that were included to help are tutoring and
homework help, check up on students in temporary housing, and the “My Brother’s Keeper” program

6:00: Teacher Concerns:

  • Geometry failure is concerning to math teachers, including Ms. Dimech, and is a failing enterprise;
    Ms. Burg responded by saying that there will be “mass support” in this area.
  • Teachers do not have keys to the bathroom and feel uncomfortable asking one another for the keys.
    The keys include the M7 and M10.
    Parent Concerns:
    • “AP For All” Tutoring: Parents had questions about the AP FOR ALL program which is being held
    around the city, and that is good for their child’s learning. Mr. Raynor and Ms. Dimech bring up a
    good point-with enough funding from the school, Q.T. can have their own AP FOR ALL program
    every Saturday. The estimated date for this is October 15, 2019.

Student Concerns: N/A

6:30 Meeting adjourned.

SLT Members in Attendance:
Melissa Burg, Principal
Lisseth Salas-Ocampo, SLT Chairperson/CSA Representative
Madeline Hatcher, Sunnyside Representative
Jessica Dimech- Teacher
Dennis Whyte- Teacher
Theodore Raynor, Teacher
Vivian Colon, P.A. President/ Parent
Orlena Grant, P.A. Secretary/Parent
Maria Tenesaca, Title 1 Parent Rep/ Parent
Noor Aayla, Student
Angelica Diaz, Student
Israa Maarouf, Student
Kimberly Mera, Student
Rimakshi Roy, Student
Matthew Bermudez, Observer