October 2, 2019

School Leadership Team Meeting Minutes

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SLT Meeting
Minutes for the SLT Meeting
Wednesday, October 2, 2019
Library, Room 455

Chairperson: Lisseth Salas-Ocampo,
Speaker: Ms. Melissa Burg, Principal, QTHS

4:30- The meeting started with a discussion about the Parent/Teacher Conferences. Parent/
Teacher Conferences for Queens Technical HS will be held on October 17th and 18th, not Nov.
20th and 21st like most city-wide High Schools.

4:44- We reviewed the “Chancellor’s Regulation A-655 School & District Leadership Teams”.
There were a few changes that were made that all active members had to review and agree
upon. The opportunity to amend these laws are allowed if needed. Composition of the size of
the SLT team (Minimum 10 and maximum 17 amount of members allowed), Mandatory
members (Chairperson, secretary, etc.) were the topics discussed. There are three mandatory
members which are the Principal of the school, the P.A. President and the UFT chapter leader,
Mr. Raynor. SLT must have an equal number of parents and staff.
Mr. Whyte and Ms. Dimech are up for re-election to fulfill the “Teacher/UFT Member” category
of SLT members. Mr. Whyte is a stand-in for Mr. Raynor who is the UFT Chapter Leader.

4:48- Reading of the Bylaws.
Article 1- We had to change the name on the Bylaws from Queens Vocational and Technical
High School to Queens Technical High School. All in attendance were in agreement with all of
the changes and revisions, as well as some things remaining the same.

4:50-5:55- We continued to read and then concluded the reading of the SLT Bylaws.

6:15- Student Concerns: Chalk drawings outside of school. Students were curious as to why
the drawings were removed. It was explained that our residential neighbors launched a
complaint and the drawings were removed.
Students also discussed the taking of senior photos for the yearbook. Over the summer they
received a letter to take their senior photos. They needed more information as to where to take
them and how to schedule or reschedule their senior photos. Ms. Burg told them they can do
make-ups in the school or go to the photographer’s studio to make-up or re-take the photos.
Students were also asking about the business teachers and the removal of the business
classes. Ms. Burg explained that students were not successful in those classes so they needed
to be removed.
One student is asking about a multimedia class or a class to develop apps.

Parent Concerns: There is no longer a monitor for the first floor girls bathrooms. The
lady who was hired for that position was moved to another position in the school. It is not in the
budget at this time to hire another monitor for the girls bathroom. However, the person
monitoring the boys bathroom will be able to monitor the girls bathroom as well with the help of
a female staff member if needed.
Another concern was about the repairs being made on the school gym floor. It is projected that
the gym floor will be repaired sometime in the new year. Ms. Burg has stated that she has seen
the new floorboards being delivered but it is just a matter of time for them to be installed,
varnished, dried, and inspected for the gym to be utilized.

There were no teacher concerns at this time.

6:30- Meeting Adjourned

Handouts: SLT Meeting Agenda
SLT Bylaws
Chancellor’s Regulation A-655