January 15, 2020

School Leadership Team Meeting Minutes


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SLT Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

4:30-6:30 pm

Library, Room 455

4:30 – The meeting opened with a discussion on the Regents Policy and how to keep the students from stressing out about it.  There is a workshop called “Dear Stress” brought together by Sunnyside Community Services and Western Queens Mental Health.  Tonight is a Health & Community Services Fair.  This fair helps parents and students with financial needs as well as mental and physical health services.  It is open to the public.

4:40 – It was announced that Queens Technical has been approved for SAT school day.  This means that Queens Technical students would be allowed to be excused from a day of classes on the day of SAT exams, as long as we do not use up our snow days.

5:00 – Teacher Concerns:

  • 1. Lack of Geometry curriculum – All teachers need to follow Ms. Galvin’s curriculum.
  • 2. Low attendance among staff resulting in high coverage and less time to plan Ms. Burg has encouraged attendance, but many factors still remain - A “Culture Club”was established to encourage teacher morale and positivity.
  • 3. Unequal work distribution among staff – “teachers know what they sign up for, there should be no complaints”
  • 4. No heavy presence of Supervisors – Supervisors not always are where they need to be(classrooms, sporting events, clubs, lunchroom, etc.) - Administration is often busy.
  • 5. The morning announcements begin earlier every day.  Science and Math teachers are concerned because it takes away from class time - Ms. Burg will address Mr. Vega to come up with a solution.  Ms. Karabelas suggested changing the form to reflect the needs and changes.

5:40 – Parent Concerns: One parent had a concern about knowing which counselor to speak to.  The parent did not know who their child’s counselor was.

Student Concerns: The students were concerned with the moving of the Physical Education teacher’s office.  It makes the students feel comfortable that they are located near the Gym.  Ms. Burg replied that the Physical Education teachers were the only teachers who have an office and that had to be on the chopping block because of office space concerns.  If the students needed to meet with any one of the Physical Education teachers, they would have to go to either the Teacher’s Lounge or their AP’s office.

There were no complaints about the Yearbook pictures at this time.

6:13 – More discussion about the Gym – They are fixing the door partition, but there are no bleachers.  The Gym is secure, but Ms. Burg wants to make sure the Gym is safe for the students to use.

6:30 – Meeting adjourned

SLT Members in Attendance:  Ms. Burg, Ms. Salas Ocampo, Mr. Whyte, Ms. Karabelas, Vivian Colon, Orlena Grant, Maria Tenesaca, Noor Ayala