February 6, 2020

School Leadership Team Meeting Minutes


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Minutes for the SLT Meeting

Wednesday, February 6, 2020


Library, Room 455

4:30- Lisseth Salas Ocampo opened the meeting up with January Regents results. Ms. Burg gave the results of the English Regents 88.6% (considered “on track”- the first time a group has taken it).  The handouts showed that this was better than last year and two years ago. Global History- The first time the Global 2 Regents has been given, so they cannot look at past scores for a comparison.  U.S. History is at 50%, Algebra 1 is at 60.5%, Geometry went down, Algebra 2 went up, Living Environment was about the same and Earth Science dropped. Chemistry was taken by one student and he/she passed it.  These results were almost all repeat students. 

4:48-  Questions pertaining to the Regents results: Ms. Karabelas asked how the percentage of the ELA results were calculated.   Ms. Burg assured her that the school automatically signs students back up until they pass with at least an 80%.

4:52-  Our first Health and Wellness Fair: 26 Parents signed in and received helpful financial and mental health information.  Madeline Hatcher (Sunnyside Community Services) stated that more students showed up than parents.  Ms. Burg thanked Ms. Hatcher and Ms. Ambia for their work in implementing the Fair.  Ms. Hatcher suggested that for next year we issue Metrocards to help parents come out for the event.  Ms. Ocampo also suggested that, possibly, right before Parent/Teacher Conferences Ms. Ambia offers workshops for parents about making good choices and talking to their children on mental health issues.  It is often difficult to communicate sometimes because of language/generation gaps. Parent/ Teacher conferences are February 26th and 27th.  

5:00- Friday February 7 was the  18th Annual Career Day.  This is the first time holding the event in February (because of the Midwinter Break, CTE month).  Usually, Career Day is held in May/June but the cosmetology services could not make it due to prom/wedding season.  Having the event in February helps them schedule time for the cosmetology students to meet with these companies.  Ms. Burg thanked Ms. Verderosa and Mr. MacDonald who organized the event.  Mrs. Grant asked if parents can join the Career Day.  Parents would have had to pre-register to join the event.  The event will be for most of the day.  7:30 a.m.-greet, students will come in around 2nd period (some at 1st ) and the event will go until about 1 p.m.

5:05- Mid Winter Recess Feb. 17-Feb 21. Students return to school Feb. 24th 2020.

5:06- Parent/ Teacher Conferences are Feb. 27th and 28th.

-Teacher Concerns-Teachers were grateful for the change in the morning announcement schedule.  -Mr. Whyte pointed out that the 3rd period bell did not ring, but it might be due to  Mr. Vega’s announcements -Ms. Karabelas also agreed that Mr. Vega is making an effort with the announcements. -Mr. Whyte also encouraged us to support the basketball teams.

-Parent Concerns: -Mrs. Grant voiced her concern with her daughter’s cosmetology teacher and the misunderstanding about her grade. Ms. Ocampo suggested that we talk to  the Chairperson/Administrator of that department, Mr. Garcia. Ms. Burg also  suggested that if the parents still have an issue or are not comfortable with the  results, ask to speak to Mr. Garcia. Mrs. Grant has an appointment with guidance and the teacher tomorrow.  She will give the results during the next SLT meeting.  Parents are complaining about the woman who handles their child’s Metrocards. They are stating that their children are being met with rude staff when they try to  schedule time to get their Metrocards for their children.  Ms. Burg will help resolve the situation.  She also stated that if a student had a Metrocard and lost it, they have to wait for a new card to be ordered.  

-Student Concerns -There is a concern about a yellowish fluid in the girls locker room.  The female students are disgusted and would like to have it removed/cleaned up.  Some are concerned about it being a health hazard.  

Handouts: January 2020 Regents Results,  Minutes from Parent Association Meeting on 1/15/2020
Next SLT Meeting: March 18, 2020

SLT Members in Attendance:

  • Mrs. Burg- Principal
  • Mrs. Salas Ocampo- Assistant Principal
  • Mr. Whyte- Teacher
  • Ms. Karabelas- Teacher
  • Mrs. Colon- Parent Association President
  • Mrs. Tenesaca- Title 1 Chairperson
  • Mrs. Grant- Parent Association Secretary
  • Madeline Hatcher, CBO Representative
  • Angelica Diaz- Student
  • Noor Aayla- Student
  • Natalia Mejia- Student
  • Kimberly Mera- Student
  • Israa Maarouf- Student
  • Rimakshi Roy- Student