All students at Queens Technical High School are required to complete one year (2 credits) of instruction in a Language Other Than English (LOTE).  The Spanish curriculum is designed to prepare students to be conversational in a second language and develop the 21st century literacy skills necessary for success in college and careers.  Students who wish to challenge themselves have the option to enroll in Advanced Placement Spanish Language and Culture after completing Spanish 1 and Spanish 2.

Spanish 1 and Spanish 2

Spanish 1 (FSS61) and Spanish 2 (FSS62): These courses teach writing, reading, speaking, and comprehension skills in Spanish. The courses also fulfill the one-year language requirement. Students will study the Spanish Language through the use of authentic materials (articles, commercials, interviews, films, documentaries, music, art and literature). Activities will focus on the three modes of communication: interpersonal, interpretive and presentation, while also developing critical thinking skills. Grammar will be reviewed in context.

AP Spanish Language and Culture

AP Spanish Langauge and Culture (FSS21X and FSS22X): Develop your Spanish language proficiency and your ability to understand the products, practices and perspectives of the cultures where Spanish is spoken. Use authentic materials and sources in Spanish to demonstrate your language proficiencies in multiple modes of communication, including Interpersonal Communication (two-way written interactions and conversations), Interpretive Communication, (interpretation of written, audio, and audiovisual materials), and Presentational Communication (oral and written presentations of information, opinions, and ideas). More information