All students at Queens Technical High School are required to complete four years (8 Credits) of English Language Arts.  The English Language Arts curriculum is designed to prepare students to be lifelong readers and develop the 21st century literacy skills necessary for success in college and careers.  Over the four years, students will read and study a variety of fiction and nonfiction texts, including novels, short stories, plays, poetry, speeches, historical documents, and articles.  After Grade 9, students who distinguish themselves through academic performance and work ethic will be enrolled in Honors classes.  All students are required to take the New York State English Regents (Common Core) at the mid-point of the 11th Grade year.  A passing score on this exam is a requirement for graduation.  Students who wish to challenge themselves have the option to enroll in Advanced Placement English Language and Composition in 11th Grade and Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition in 12th Grade.  Students may also enroll in Honors Journalism in 12th Grade.  Students in this course work towards the production of several editions of our award-winning school newspaper.  In addition, there are opportunities for students to take college-level courses through our College Now program.

Ninth Grade

English 9 (EES81 and EES82): The focus of 9th Grade ELA is to support students in the transition to high school by building a solid foundation of literacy skills. Students participate in independent reading and construct reader’s responses to develop thoughtful reading practices. Students read a variety of texts, from the Collections 9 textbook as well as teacher-selected texts, to begin developing analytical skills. Students will learn to determine the central ideas of texts and will begin to understand and explain how the choices made by authors influence the text. These choices include how the author utilizes literary elements such as tone, setting, characterization, and conflict, and symbolism. Students will learn how to identify an author’s claims towards an argument and will be introduced to argumentative writing. An anchor text for 9th Grade ELA is Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. The skills developed in this course are essential to building a foundation for success on the NYS English Regents (Common Core).

Tenth Grade

English 10 (EES83 and EES84): In 10th Grade ELA, students continue to build and develop the skills introduced in 9th Grade. Students read a variety of texts, from the Collections 10 textbook as well as teacher-selected texts, to continue refining their analytical skills. Anchor texts for 10th Grade ELA are the novel To Kill a Mockingbird and Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Students continue to analyze author’s choice, including rhetorical devices such as repetition, personification, metaphor, and simile. Students continue to develop the skills of argument writing.

Eleventh Grade

English 11 (EES85 and EES86): In 11th Grade ELA, students continue to read a variety of texts, from the Collections 11 textbook as well as teacher-selected texts, to solidify their analytical skills. Suggested texts for 11th Grade ELA include The Crucible, The Catcher in the Rye, The Great Gatsby, and A Streetcar Named Desire. Mid-year, in January, students will take the NYS English Regents (Common Core). This exam will assess student performance in the skills developed throughout high school. The second half of the year will be dedicated to preparing the students for college and career readiness. All students will draft a Personal Statement Essay as a final assignment. This essay will be revised at the beginning of 12th Grade for use in the college application process. Students also develop their skills in conducting research and research writing.


AP English Language and Composition (EES85X and EES86X): The AP English Language and Composition course is designed to help you become a skilled reader of a variety of texts as well as becoming a skilled writer. You’ll achieve this through awareness of the interactions among a writer's purposes, audience expectations, and subjects, as well as the ways that writing rules and language use contribute to effective writing. Course Details

Twelfth Grade

English 12 (EES87 and EES88): In 12th Grade ELA, students prepare to move into their future with the skills needed for success in college and careers. At the beginning of the year, students revise the draft of the Personal Statement Essay they submitted at the end of 11th Grade. This allows students to have a strong Personal Statement Essay for the college application process. During the year, students conduct extended research used towards writing a Research Thesis Paper. Opportunities to conduct research and support through ongoing classroom instruction guide students in creating their 10-page Research Thesis Paper. This experience is extremely important towards preparing students to meet the challenges of college coursework.


English 12 Journalism (EES87HQJ and EES88HQJ): Students in this course work towards the production of several print and online editions of the our award-winning school newspaper.


AP English Literature and Composition (EES87X and EES88X): The AP English Literature and Composition course will engage you in the careful reading and critical analysis of imaginative literature. Through the close reading of selected texts, you can deepen your understanding of the ways writers use language to create meaning. You’ll learn to consider a work's structure, style, and themes, as well as smaller-scale elements such as the use of figurative language, imagery, symbolism, and tone. Course Details