Visual Arts

Welcome to the Queens Technical High School Visual Arts Department!

Ms. Miaoulis and Ms. Volpe, Teachers

Mr. Garcia, Assistant Principal


Recent Units

  • Keith Haring- Inspired Art

    Haring, a well-known  artist of the 80s took on many social issues

    such as LGBTQ rights, Safe Sex, Mental Health, Oppression

    among many others inflicted upon society. 

    Students  chose an issue and aimed to show humans in action

    to change a serious issue. Issues of today such as 

    COVID-19, recycling, planet earth, mental health and 


  • Animals inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat

    Students learned about this famous 80s artists whose whimsical animals are now adorning the clothes or Coach, Uniqlo and Supreme.

    Students created animals in an expressive style similar to Jean-Michel Basquiat and then

    added Jean-Michel’s famous crown to pay tribute to

    him, but yet showing their own innate expressions.




  • Jean-Michel Basquiat Unit

    Students learned about the highest selling American 

    Artist at auction. Born in Brooklyn, moved to the artsy Lower East Side. Basquiat turned the artwork upside down : students learned about many topics surrounding this legend. The time and place of his art ride to fame, racial I equality in the art world and his legendary status. Showcased are essays by students that took an in depth view of JMB.

  • Graffiti unit inspired By Crash One

    Students learned about NYC legend Crash one. They learned 3D lettering, overlapping a d applying complimentary colors.

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