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    New WBL opportunities for Spring 2021 are posted! Check it out on the WBL page of the QT website:

    Work Based Learning
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  • CTEISP Applications Close

    CTE Industry Scholars Program Applications closes out. 

    Work Based Learning
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Apply for Working Papers

Alternative Process for Issuing Working Papers (WP) During COVID-19

1. Parents/guardians and minors complete the AT-17 Application for Employment Certificate (attached below). Be sure Part 1 is completed and signed by the student's parent/guardian. This form allows digital signatures.

 Working Paper Application: AT17-0320Fillable.pdf 

2. Please upload completed PDF forms and Physical exam certificate (doctor’s note) here to get your WP:

3. If all documents are submitted correctly, you will be contacted via email to setup a virtual meeting with Ms. Zagada for the final step to receive your BLUE or GREEN working paper. The working paper will be mailed to you.

- You will need to complete the AT-17 application again if you need an updated working paper to reflect your age
- If you completed a physical exam within the year (i.e. sports, annual check-up), it can be used to apply for your WP
- If your physical exam is past one year, you need to complete a physical exam again

  *Updated 12/21/2020

Astro Engineers at NYSCI

Program Description

  • Students will delve into the exciting world of engineering as they solve fun hands-on Astronomy based activities and gain a deeper understanding of the content through those activities.
  • Throughout the apprenticeship, teens will build their science communication skills and teach young scientists virtually in our spring break camp! 
  • The program duration is Saturday, February 6, 2021-Saturday May 22, 2021, and meets on 10 Saturdays attend 5-10 mentoring sessions during the week after school.
  • Students must be 16 by July 1,2021 to apply.
    • Students without social security numbers are welcome to apply. 
    • Students with special learning needs are welcome to apply.

*All program sessions are virtual

Apply here:

*Updated 12/21/2020

NYU CrEST Program Tandon School of Engineering

Program Description 

  • Participants will learn STEM principles, theories, and technical skills related to circuitry, electronics, mechanical systems, physical computing, robotics, and other disciplines through a variety of hands-on application-based learning. 
  • CrEST begins on February 6th and takes place Saturdays at 10am
  • Over the course of the summer, students will work as lead instructors to middle schoolers teaching them a variety of computer programming and engineering concepts through interactive devices. 
  • Students must be 16 by July 1,2021 to apply.
    • Students with special learning needs are welcome to apply.

*All program sessions are virtual

Apply here:

*Updated 12/21/2020

Studio Institute-Teen Apprenticeship Program (TAP) 2021

Program Description 

  • Through exploring works of art as well as developing art skills in a variety of media, TAP participants learn how to take part in and lead discussions around creating and understanding art instruction. 
  • Aspects of this program include understanding the characteristics of video lessons production, virtual instruction, collaborative teamwork, and professional communication. 
  • Over the summer, students will provide art instruction in summer camps across NYC (physical or virtual depending on safety guidelines).
  •  Spring apprenticeship webinars are scheduled for Tuesdays from 4pm to 6pm starting on February 9, 2021, through June 10, 2021. 
  • Students must be 16 by July 1,2021 to apply.
    • Students without social security numbers are welcome to apply. 
    • Students with special learning needs are welcome to apply.

*All program sessions are virtual

Apply here:

*Updated 12/21/2020

ARISE 2021

ARISE 2021 Application is Now Live! 

STEM Research Opportunity for 10th & 11th Grade Students

Learn more about ARISE 2021 here:

Application deadline: March 1, 2021 11:59pm

WBL Coordinator

Ms. Zagada


Voice: (718) 937-3010 ext. 4011 

Location: Rm. 401

WBL Appointment

Book a Virtual Appointment with Ms. Zagada

*No in-person appointments at this time

Send WBL questions + concerns to: 

Resume Help + Working Paper Application & Assistance + Applying for school-year/summer internships + Job-Shadowing activities + Career Workshops + Mentorships 

Work-Based Learning Application

Click Here for WBL Application

A Social Security # is NOT required for this application

Complete the following sections to be placed at an internship for the Summer & during the school year. Be sure to check if all information is correct before submitting.

Have the following information to complete this form:
- OSIS # (Student ID number)
- Use your professional E-Mail (your application will not be reviewed if your e-mail is unprofessional. Create one!)
- Parent/Guardian Contact Information
- Emergency Contact Information
- Current resume

Once you have submitted this application, get your WORKING PAPERS!
Due to COVID-19, the instructions to obtain your working papers can be found in the post above or in the WBL Google Classroom (invite only).

WBL Opportunities

 2020-2021 Work-Based Learning Opportunities  

Access all WBL internships, career readiness workshops, and after-school activities that can count towards your Work-Based Learning CTE hours by viewing it in the Work-Based Learning Google Classroom 

(i.e. WBL Class of 2021, WBL Class of 2022, WBL Class of 2023)

Email Ms. Zagada if you need an invite to the WBL Google Classroom at 






Join Remind

Join Remind for Work-Based Learning Announcements 

Join the Remind app for instant notifications and announcements for upcoming events and opportunities.  The code to join is based on the year you will be graduating.  There are 2 ways to join: 

1. On the Remind app: Add the specific code 


2. Add via Text Message: Text specific code to 81010

>  Seniors - Class of 2021 WBL Code: @QTWBL2021

>  Juniors - Class of 2022 WBL Code: @QTWBL2022

>  Sophomores - Class of 2023 WBL Code: @QTWBL2023

> Freshmen - Class of 2024 WBL Code: @QTWBL2024


*Updated: 9/4/2020




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