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Instructions for Issuing Working Papers (WP)

Step 1: Gather the required ORIGINAL documents listed below:

  1. Form of Identification: NYS ID (Driver's License or Non-Driver's License), US Passport (must be valid and not expired), Alien Card OR Birth Certificate with School ID.
  2. AT-17 Application for Employment Certificate ( Working Paper Application: AT17-0320Fillable.pdf ): Parents/guardians and minors complete ONLY Part 1, signed by the student's parent/guardian and check one (1) box: Nonfactory Employment Certificate (14 or 15 years of age) OR Student General Employment Certificate (16 or 17 years of age).
  3. Doctor's Note/Physical Exam: Letter from doctor's office stating you are "fit to work" or your physical exam that has not been more than one (1) year old. This form can also be completed by your physician:

Step 2: Completed application and required original documents must be submitted to Room 153 with Ms. Martinez during the student’s lunch period Thursday's ONLY. If student does not have a lunch period, a pass must be provided by a teacher. 


- A social security number is not required to be issued working papers
- You will need to complete the AT-17 application again if you need an updated working paper to reflect your age
- If you completed a physical exam within the year (i.e. sports, annual check-up), it can be used to apply for your working paper
- If your physical exam is past one year, you need to complete a physical exam again

  *Updated 05/05/2022

I-9 Student Employment Verification

Required for students participating in paid internships.

  1. What is the I-9 Student Employment Verification?
    • The I-9 Verification process verifies a students' eligibility to work and receive wages from a paid internship by showing a list of acceptable, original documents requested.
  2. Is this required for every student to complete? 
    • No, only students that will be participating in a paid school-year and/or summer internship needs to complete the I-9 verification process. 
  3. I've already completed the I-9 verification, do I need to do it every year?
    • No, you only need to complete the I-9 verification only once in your high school career. If you have updated working papers to reflect your age, see Ms. Zagada. 
  4. What documents do I need to show to be I-9 verified? 
  5. Is the I-9 verification completed in-person or virtually? 
    • Currently, the I-9 verification is being completed virtually. 
  6. How long does the I-9 verification process take? 
    • The process should take no more than 5 minutes to complete. 
  7. How do I setup an appointment to be I-9 verified?

Questions/Concerns? Contact Ms. Zagada

WBL Coordinator

Ms. Zagada


Voice: (718) 937-3010 ext. 4491

Location: 449 (outer office)

WBL Appointment

Book an Appointment with Ms. Zagada

Send WBL questions + concerns to: 

Resume Help + Working Paper Application & Assistance + Applying for school-year/summer internships + Job-Shadowing activities + Career Workshops + Mentorships 

WBL Opportunities

 2021-22 Work-Based Learning Opportunities  

Access all WBL internships, career readiness workshops, and after-school activities that can count towards your Work-Based Learning CTE hours by viewing it in the Work-Based Learning Google Classroom 

(i.e. WBL Class of 2022, WBL Class of 2023)

Email Ms. Zagada if you need an invite to the WBL Google Classroom at with your full name and OSIS number






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Join Remind for Work-Based Learning Announcements 

Join the Remind app for instant notifications and announcements for upcoming events and opportunities.  The code to join is based on the year you will be graduating.  There are 2 ways to join: 

1. On the Remind app: Add the specific code 


2. Add via Text Message: Text specific code to 81010

>  Seniors - Class of 2022 WBL Code: @QTWBL2022

>  Juniors - Class of 2023 WBL Code: @QTWBL2023

> Sophomores - Class of 2024 WBL Code: @QTWBL2024

> Freshmen - Class of 2025 WBL Code: @QTWBL2025

*Updated: 5/5/2022




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