Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go if something is bothering me?
Report it to your guidance counselor (room 151), a dean, an administrator, or your teacher.

Where do I order an ID card?
Go to the Transportation Office (inside the cafeteria) during lunch.

How much is a replacement ID card?
All replacement ID cards cost two dollars.

How do I get a replacement Metro Card?
Go to the Transportation Office (inside the cafeteria) during lunch.

I can't sign in to my PupilPath account. Who can help?
First, follow the directions on this page. If that doesn't work, ask your teacher, your guidance counselor, or contact the QTHS Help Desk .

I can't sign in to my NYC student account. Who can help?
Contact the QTHS Help Desk or your guidance counselor.

Where can I get copy of my schedule?
Open PupilPath or download a copy from TeachHub.

Where can I get an official letter from the school (for taxes, court, etc.)?
Contact your guidance counselor.

I lost my report card. How can I get a new one?
Open PupilPath or download a copy from TeachHub.

How can I change my address or phone number?
See the Parent Coordinator with a utility bill (electric/gas only) or a lease showing your new address or number.

How can I get a locker?
Students can sign up to for a school locker in the Student Organization office, room 143. Only school-issued locks are allowed; unauthorized locks will be clipped.

Can I bring my cell phone to school? Can I use it?
Students are allowed to bring phones to school, but phones can only be used in limited circumstances. Read and follow the electronic device and cell phone policy to avoid having it confiscated:  Electronic Device and Cell Phone Policy

Can I get the school WiFi password?
If you bring your device to school, connect to the "DOEguest" network and ask your teacher for the password. Learn more about the Department of Education Internet Acceptable Use Policy.

How do I join a club or team?
Refer to the Student Activities page, and contact the advisor. Additionally, our Coordinator of Student Activities Mr. Vega can answer questions about clubs, and our Athletic Director Mr. Jackson can answer questions about PSAL sports.

How can I get a transcript?
Current students: see your guidance counselor, or download a copy from TeachHub.
Alumni: visit the transcript page for instructions.

What are the requirements for graduation?
In high school, you have to earn certain credits in each subject area, as well as specific exam scores, according to rules set by New York State. Check here for graduation requirements, check PupilPath to see the credits you have earned, and speak with your guidance counselor if you have any questions.

How are students promoted to the next grade?
Promotion to the next grade level is based on the number of credits you have earned, and is explained in detail on the official classes page.

Where can I sign up to re-take my Regents exam(s)?
Contact your guidance counselor at least one month before the Regents exam period.

When are Regents exam invitations distributed?
Exam invitations are distributed two school days before Regents exams begin.

When do ninth grade students select their CTE major?
Some students apply to a particular major at Queens Tech and begin their CTE sequence at the start of ninth grade. Other students complete an exploratory shop rotation in ninth grade and select their major in the spring term.

How can I make-up a class that I failed?
Contact your guidance counselor. Classes are offered during the regular day, extended day, and in the summer.

Where do I get working papers?
You’ll need to bring all of these items to room 153: the Application for Employment Certificate (copies in rooms 153 and 104); AND your original birth certificate, passport, alien card, citizenship papers, driver’s license, or non-driver’s license; AND your original social security card; AND a signed doctor’s note stating that you are “fit to work.”

Where is the health services office (counseling, contraceptives)?
Go to room 214. You can also visit a designated CAP counselor for free contraceptives: Ms. Vasquez, Ms. Karabelas, Mr. Devaux, or Ms. Hoffman.

What is the school dress code?
Students must dress appropriately for school, including any specific uniform required by physical education and CTE classes. Your parent/guardian will be called and you will be asked to change if you violate this code.

Is there a discipline code?
Yes, the citywide Department of Education Discipline Code is available online.

What are the school colors and mascot?
White and green (the hex colors are #FFFFFF and #056839 for the graphic artists out there). Our mascot is a tiger who lives in the Student Organization office, room 143.

Where is the lost and found?
Go to the dean’s office, in the lower level by the gym.

How often is the school doctor in the building?
Go to room 214 for the school doctor's most current schedule.

Where can I use a computer for a class assignment?
There are computers available in the school library and in room 143. Very limited printing is available.

Where should I bring my doctor’s note?
The nurse’s office, room 214.

How many marking periods are there?
We have two semesters (fall and spring). Each semester has two marking periods. These are averaged by your teacher to arrive at a final grade in the class. Check the school calendar for marking period start and end dates.

How and when are report cards given out?
Report cards are distributed to students two weeks after the end of the marking period; however, grades are typically posted earlier on PupilPath and TeachHub.

How is the weighted average on my report card and transcript calculated?
Some classes have a higher value in your average, including multi-period CTE courses, AP courses, college courses, and honors courses. Grades with an asterisk are not averaged at all. For details, open this Weighted Average Explanation.